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In just 48 hours…

Two days after our press release about council tax payers whose properties had been flooded could reclaim part or all of their council tax, Cameron announced that the government would underwrite any council tax reclaimed. Read More »

Welfare benefits-related suicides

Coroners are blaming some cases of suicide on the victims' worries about how they will survive without benefits. We outline some of the recent tragedies. Read More »

Has your home been flooded?


If your home's been flooded, you may be entitled to claim a discretionary reduction covering part, or all, of your council tax. Read More »

The cosmic doom awaiting Universal Credit

©  Mike Konopacki 2013

Despite failed IT schemes for magistrates’ courts, the NHS and many sectors of state provision, in its passion to reform welfare, the government has embarked upon the most ambitious plan of all, a single computer system to run Universal Credit. Read More »