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How to lower the Benefit Cap – for good

BBC Question Time on St George’s Day (23 April 2015)  featured an announcement by panellist William Hague for the Conservatives about the future of the benefit cap.  Welfare and benefits are not Hague’s strong points, though the same can be said of many other people these days – the sheer complexity of the regulations and regulation-making powers has put paid ... Read More »

The time bombs under the Council Tax

Council tax has been going badly wrong for over a decade, but now two emerging legal problems potentially threaten the lawfulness of council tax debt recovery. Read More »

Arguing the law on council tax

Obtaining a council tax reduction under section 13A is a little-used mechanism, simply because many advisers have not heard of it, nor of the right of appeal to the Valuation Tribunal England. Read More »

Dai and his wives

In Wales, the legislation regarding council tax reduction has been has been drafted with an non-existent demographic in mind... Read More »

In just 48 hours…

Two days after our press release about council tax payers whose properties had been flooded could reclaim part or all of their council tax, Cameron announced that the government would underwrite any council tax reclaimed. Read More »

Has your home been flooded?


If your home's been flooded, you may be entitled to claim a discretionary reduction covering part, or all, of your council tax. Read More »