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About the BLG

Our aims

The Benefits Legal Group exists to support all legitimate claimants to the benefits to which they are entitled as a result of their National Insurance contributions or other lawful entitlements. The group’s purposes are to:

  • Share information and legal advice to assist claimants and those acting on behalf of vulnerable claimants.
  • Collect data and conduct research in order to identify changes to the benefit system and its administration.
  • Campaign on other related benefit issues affecting claimants.

Why BLG is needed

There is a need for a specialised and advanced form of legal advice, support and practical assistance for advisers and benefit claimants affected by the changes and effects caused by the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and the localisation of council tax schemes under reduction schemes created under the Local Government Finance Act 2012. Claimants and advisers are being faced with unparalleled changes including the overall benefit cap, the sanctions and the work programme, the housing benefit cap/bedroom tax and the localisation of council tax support.

Existing advice tools such which provide guidance and the detail of regulation are increasingly insufficient to meet these challenges. All areas subject to reform are technical areas where increasingly precise practical legal tools and methods are required to ensure receipt of benefits and tackle errors and maladministration in  systems undergoing complex change.

Please note that any advice offered applies to England and Wales only.

Press enquiries

BLG is very happy to answer your queries. Please contact us via the form below, leaving a contact phone number, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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About the BLG